Belt Hog Pulley Alignment Tool

Squealing, shaking, out-of-line belts and pulleys are more than a nuisance. They’re the cause of expensive downtime, shortened equipment life, and inefficient operation. If you ever have those problems, it’s time to holler for the Belt Hog.

Accushim’s Belt Hog makes it simple to align belts and pulleys. You won’t have to remove the belts to make quick, accurate adjustments over distances of 6″ to 20 feet. One person can accomplish an alignment with no training other than reading the short instruction manual.

Belt Hog mounts in the grooves-right where the power is transferred. Groove mounting makes it simpler to keep everything parallel. Belt guards can often be left on, and pulleys on shafts set in different directions can be aligned just as easily. Bright dual LASER beams let you know when you’ve got things straight.

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